What makes us different?

“Westbury Methodist Day School is a consistently warm and welcoming environment. The children are happy and balanced, and have a wide variety of activities to do. We’ve loved the art, singing, and themed classroom activities.” - current parent

Children, parents, and teachers at Westbury Day School share some highlights of the warm, fun, and educational environment provided for our children.


Parent Testimonial

"I was an apprehensive first time mom when my children started WMDS and I didn't know what to expect. My son loved the Teddy Bear class and he blossomed! A few years later, now my second son attends WMDS as well and is also in the Teddy Bears class. The support, love, and patience of teachers and staff is incredible! I am always so impressed that all the staff know all the kids' names. I have recommended WMDS to anyone who would listen. Thank you so much for the last four years and the two to come. We can't wait to see what the future holds!" 

Parent Testimonial

"I love this school! The children's safety is their #1 priority. The day school building is only for the weekday school children and the doors are always locked. The playground is attached to the building so children do not have to cross a parking lot or have to leave the building to play."


Parent Testimonial

"Choosing a pre-school for our child was a difficult decision. We worried if she would be safe and also that she would be as cherished and loved as she is at home. From day one, WMDS alleviated all our worries and made our child feel welcome and excited to learn. The front office staff greet us each morning with smiling faces. The teachers find new and engaging ways to make learning fun and exciting for our child. When I speak to the teachers, they truly know my child and relay precious stories about her. I know they love my child and she has learned so much and has grown in confidence and strength exponentially this year. I would recommend this school (and have multiple times!) to any family."

Parent Testimonial

"When my son began school at Westbury Methodist Day School, he made friends his age that he could relate with. His teachers were so loving and supportive and they welcomed him right in. He gained many new skills at school and strengthened those skills already acquired at home. We, as parents, along with the passionate, caring teachers, became a team of early positive role models for my son. We are truly blessed to be a part of this beautiful school."

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